Router Network Login

To access the router admin page, enter in your browser's URL bar or click the box below.

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Default login information

IP Address: 70%
Username: admin
Password admin
IP Address: 30%
Username: admin
Password -
IP Address: 20%
Username: admin
Password password
Alamat IP: 03%
Username: admin
Password 1234
✅ Features Login 192.168.ll
✅ Users 100 million users
✅ Language HTML and CSS

TP-Link,D-Link and other popular network brands use IP address their default gateway portal. By doing so you can configure the routers and networks LAN, WAN, WLAN, security options, Proxy, MAC, DSL, ADSL and DNS can all be managed via the router admin interface accessed using the default gateway address.

1Enter the IP address in your browser search bar.


2If you get an error, it means you have used an incorrect IP address. Ensure you enter the correct IP address.
3Enter the routers username and password once you enter the login screen.
4Use the default credentials if you have not made changes to it since initial installation. If  not, you  will need to factory reset your router in the event of a forgotten username or password.
5Now you can enter the router admin panel and make any modifications to the internet settings.

There are many ways to check your routers IP address online. Chances are you’ll be able to find the right IP address online very easily and quickly.


You can find it at the back of the modem with username and password in it.

Ensure you have a stable internet connection. Have all other documents and information such as user guides, usernames, and passwords at your fingertips before we begin the process.


At the back of the device, you need to locate the WAN port and plug in the internet cable. Now check if your internet is well-connected and working smoothly. The LED lights flashing green on your router will tell you this.


Type in the IP address of your router on the browser search bar. Make sure to avoid any errors or typos when keying in the IP address. Next, add in the username and password in the required fields.


For some routers, there might be additional verification and security checks. Once you have passed it all, you can reset your Wi-Fi password and make any configurations or alterations to the router settings.


If you cannot recall the username or password, then you can follow the steps below to get it sorted. In the case of default credentials, simply check the back of the router or look up the list of default credentials online. But if you have changed the username or password or both, then you will need to follow these steps to regain or reset it:

1Ensure that your computer or any device is connected to the router via an ethernet cable or wireless Wi-Fi connection. Double check if your connection is successful by checking if all the relevant lights such as power lights, Wi-Fi lights and internet lights are switched on.
2Restart the device and your router. Ensure to unplug the devices before the restart and give it a few minutes before you start it again.
3Disable any firewall settings that can get in the way of your router connection.
4Access the router panel for the credentials by typing your router IP address in the google search bar. If this does not work, press the reset button on the router and opt in for a factory reset option. Now you can add any new password or username as you wish.
1If you have not changed your default credentials, then its quite easy as you can refer to the default username and password in the router box or at the back of the router.


2In case the default credentials have been changed you need to do a factory reset of your router. Simply use a sharp thin object like a pin to press the factory reset button for around 20 seconds straight and then your router will restart back into factory settings.


The default IP address is already assigned by your internet service provider. However, if you want you can change it later on to ensure greater security and safety. Here are the steps how you can change IP address for each router brand.

TP-Link router
1Go to the default admin panel
2Go to the advanced options
3Go to network and then choose LAN


4Amend your IP address in the given field
5Save it and reboot the router
D-Link router
1Go to the router configuration page
2Go to settings
3Then go to network settings


4Find the router IP address field
5Change it to preference and save settings
  1. What is the IP Address 192.168 100.1?
  2. It is a default IP address. The IP address is a unique identifier for each, and every device connected to the internet. An IP address has 4 numbers between the digits 0 to 225. The first 3 are the network ID and the last set is the device ID.

  3. How to Login to the IP
  4. Type the IP address in the URL tab of your browser. Add the username and password and then you can gain login access.

  5. What is the most popular default login for
  6. For this IP address, the default logins for both username and password are admin.

  7. What is the most used username for
  8. It is admin.

  9. What is the most used password for
  10. It is admin.

  11. How can you access the router for IP address
  12. Firstly, key in the IP address in your browser. Then give the username and password to login. The most popular default credentials for username and password are admin.

  13. How to Login to
  14. Key is the IP address in the browser search bar. Then give the username and password. After that you can click Ok or Enter and login. Admin is usually the default username and password.