How to change WiFi passwords TP Link, D-Link and Netgear on phones,computers

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Changing the Wi-Fi Password

For some of you who have not done this before, changing the password of the wi-fi router may seem like a daunting task. But it is never a difficult task. It is quite simple and easy and even a small child will be able to do it himself without any technical help. In this article we will explore the various steps to be performed at each phase to modify the Wi-Fi password of different router brands: D-Link, TP-Link and Netgear.

Always make sure that the changed Wi-Fi password needs to be stronger than the previous one. Having a weak Wi-Fi password will make it easy for hackers to enter your network and steal important information. Thus, the security and privacy of your data is highly dependent on the password you choose. A Wi-Fi password needs to be between 8 to 63 characters inclusive of letters, numbers and symbols.

How to Change the Wi-Fi Password on TP-Link Routers?

  • Ensure that your computer is connected to the TP-Link router network before you proceed with the other steps.
  • Open the web browser and type the default gateway address. The default gateway address is usually or
  • Now press Enter.
  • You will be directed to the routed login page and you will be required to fill in the username and password to login.
  • For TP-Link routers the default credentials for both username and login are “Admin”.
  • Once you gain access to the admin panel, go to the wireless security menu in the wireless option
  • Next go to WPA/WPA2 – Personal and then go to Password
  • Add your new password
  • Save your new password and now you have successfully reset the password of your router

How to Change the Wi-Fi Password on D-Link Routers?

  • Make sure that your computer or any other device is connected to the D-Link Router network.
  • Open the web browser and access the following link for the default gateway link-
  • The D-Link router login page will now appear.
  • Type in the following default credentials on the login page-
  • Username- admin

    Password- blank space only

  • Once you enter the admin panel select wireless settings from the setup menu
  • Next go to wireless security mode
  • As the wireless security mode, you need to set WPA/WPA2-Personal
  • Enter the new password in the required field. The new password should consist of between 8 to 63 characters.
  • Click Apply to save all changes.

How to Change the Wi-Fi Password on Netgear Routers?

  • In the web browser enter the following link and press Enter-
  • Enter the login credentials in the login page. For Netgear routers the default username and password are ‘admin’.
  • Once you access the home page go to security options from the wireless menu.
  • Next choose WPA2-PSK[AES] as the security option.
  • Enter your new password and select apply to save all changes.