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IP Address

To access the router admin page enter in the URL bar of your browser or click in the box below.

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What is IP Address

Popular router companies such as D-Link and TP-Link use as their default IP address. These IP addresses are needed to access the admin panel settings.

Many people are clueless about their default IP address as the router setup is done by an expert or computer technician. However, it is very easy to find out the IP address on your own. Any changes to settings such as configuration of SSID, change of password of your wireless network to WAN, LAN and WLAN all require you to know your IP address

Steps to login to

1 Ensure that you are connected to the network. This can be a wireless connection or via a internet cable.
2 Open a web browser on your PC.
3 Type your on the address bar
4 Once the login page loads, you have to enter the username and password. You can find the credentials via the user manual or online.
5 admin-login
6 Key in the correct username and password
7 Now you can access the admin interface and make any changes.

Note: Typing an invalid or incorrect IP address will prevent you from gaining access to the admin interface. Remember that a valid IP always has only numbers and not letters.

How to alter the Network Name and Password via

By logging in to the admin panel of your router, you can simply change the username, password and alter any other settings as you wish to. Here are the steps to alter the network name and password:

1Access the admin interface of your router.
2Go to the home page
3Select wireless option and then pick settings
4Keep scrolling until you reach the network name and SSID.
5Key in the new SSID in the given field
6Select the encryption protocol for the network in order to change the password.
7In the WPA Passphrase field, add the new password.
8Save the new changes

How to factory reset your router to default settings?

  • Use a thin and sharp object like a pin and prick it on the factory reset button of the router for about 10-20 seconds.
  • You will notice blinking lights and eventually the router will be rebooted.
  • Once it reboot the router will be restored to factory settings.
  • Now you can log in to the admin interface using default credentials and do the