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Default IP Address Router LG Ericsson

To access the LG Ericsson Router Admin login page , please click on the box below.

Steps to Login to LG Ericsson Router

1Your laptop or desktop has to be connected to the Wi-Fi using the cable or via a wireless connection.
Note:It is highly recommended to use a wireless connection to avoid loss of unsaved data.
2Enter the IP address of the router into the web browser. The back of the router will have the IP address stamped.
3Key in the password and username in the given fields.
4Now you will be able to login to the admin panel of your router.

What is LG Ericsson Router?

LG Ericsson Router is an electronic device that facilitates the broadcasting of network at your home, school, office or any other place. You can follow the steps above to login to the admin panel of the LG Ericsson Router and make any changes to settings as and when needed.

By default, most routers are assigned admin as the username and password. You can later change the username and password if you wish.

What is the Default Login for LG Ericsson Router?

Username: admin, Password: admin are the most frequent default credentials for LG Ericsson Router IPs.